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Showbie is an app used by teachers to assign, collect and review student work.  This iPad and web based application organizes student work by classes and assignments.  Students can easily see assignments, deadlines, teacher feedback and grades any time they have access to wifi.  A variety of documents can be shared on Showbie such as text, video, picture, audio  and presentation files. Select the image above or scan the QR code to view a video tutorial explaining what Showbie is.
What is Showbie?
Why should a parent sign up for Showbie?
When parents sign up for a Showbie account they are better able to stay informed about their child's learning activities and progress.  With a Showbie parent account, you will be able to view any work and feedback that is added to your child's Showbie portfolio.  Parents may also have the ability to view assignments and feedback for classes where the teachers have enabled parent access.   Having access to this type of information allows the parent a bigger and more vivid picture of what his or her child is doing in the classroom. When you sign up for Showbie and add your child to your account, you will only have viewing rights.  You are not able to comment or to add items to your child's account.   
How can a parent sign up for Showbie?
Showbie is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store for Apple iPad and iPhones.  It is also a web based application that can be accessed at the website: Signing up for a parent account is easy.  When you are in the app, select "I'm a parent" and follow the instructions to sign up for your account.  Once you have an account, you can add your child to your account by typing in a unique code that will give you viewing rights to work in your child's account. Your child's teacher may send you information about the unique code that you need to access your child's work.  You can also ask your child to sign into their account and share the parent code with you.  You will find the parent code by having your child select their profile icon.
Profile Icon
Parent Code
This is an example of an invitation you may receive from the teacher to invite you to sign up for Showbie.  The sign up code is included in the invitation.
Where can I find my child's work?
Once you have added your child to your account, you will be able to view your child's portfolio.  Work added to this portfolio is a combination of assignments and feedback that is added by the teacher and/or your child. If your child's classroom teacher has enabled parental settings for her classroom, then you will be able to view all the content, feedback and grades for that particular class.  If this setting has not been enabled, you will only be able to view work that is contained in your child's portfolio.
Parents will be able to view all items that are added to a student's portfolio.  The portfolio will have a combination of assignments and feedback that is added by both the teacher and the student.
Parent might also have access to view work in the classroom folders.  Charlie's parent is able to see work in three classes:  classroom workshops, exemplar assignments, and iPad essentials.  However, the parent is not able to view any work in the  iPads 101 class because the teacher hasn't enabled parent access.
When will I receive notifications about my child's progress?
Showbie allows you to receive notifications by email to help you remain fully informed about your child's progress at school.  Select your profile image and then select edit to enable or disable email notifications. If you have email notifications enabled in your Showbie settings, you will receive an email to your inbox each time your child or your child's teacher  adds an item to your child's portfolio.   If your child's teacher has enabled parental settings for the class, then you will also receive an email notification each time the teacher or the students posts an item in one of the class assignment folders. If you are an iPad user, you can receive alerts on the lock screen and in the notification center.  This can be enabled by going to the notifications menu in settings.
Who can I consult with if I want to invite another parent to view my child's work?
Showbie allows more than one parent to view a student's work.  Parents can invite another adult, such as another parent or a counsellor, to view their child's work.  You simply need to share your child's unique code with that adult.   To find the code, select your child's profile picture in the left hand menu bar.  Showbie includes a feature that allows you to email the code to another adult.
Where can I get more information about signing up for my parent Showbie account?
DSB1 iCoach, Dana McBride has prepared an excellent video tutorial to help you sign up for your account. You could also access  Showbie support.   Select or scan the QR codes below to view these resources.
Showbie Sign-up Tutorial
Showbie Support