FYE Game

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FYE Game
Gamified FYE
by Melanie Thompson Pat Stansberry Sasha Thackaberry
There are decades of research behind the power of game mechanics. They can build resilience and a sense of agency in students.
Why Gamify
Why Gamify
Go to Mind/Shift's 7 part series on games, gamification, and education.
80 %
of the time gamers fail - but they keep trying
Free Rice Zombie Survival BioChem Game Speed Gaming
other gamification at Tri-C
Other Gamification at Tri-C
Not new
What games do you play and why?
Gaming in Your Life
Why do you play games? How much time do you spend on games? What happens when you fail?
Game Attributes
Game attributes
important for learning
*Clear goals *Repeated practice *Making learning useful
*Improve motivation to encourage time on task *Practice practical skills *Low-consequence failure environment
Fact Sheet for the 2006 National Summit on Educational Games sponsored by the Federation of American Scientists, the Entertainment Software Association, and the National Science Foundation
Extra Credits Video on Gamification
Challenges with FYE
Getting students to do anything
Making it fun to improve student engagement!
FYE Game
FYE Game
Quest I:  College & Career Planning Quest II: Digital Skills Quest III:  Allies Along the Way Quest IV:  Money Trail   
4 Quests
Pick Your Character!
Choose Your Own Adventure
Choose Your Own Adventure
Amanda Duncan Teen Zombie
Julie, Interstellar Warrior Princess
Josiah Boy Genius
Ranger Parker
FYE Game
FYE Game
Do you have what it takes?
THEN:  The Beta Tester Game! 1) After we go through one Quest - you pick a Quest! 2) Those with the most corrections win! 3) What do you win?  Something random!!!!!
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