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School Counseling Program Profile 2016  
Middle School
1150 Bancroft Ave San Leandro, CA 94577
"Remember to take care of yourself, take care of one another, and take care of Bancroft!"
Principal's Message
School Mission and Vision
Our Mission: We prepare all students to be empowered lifelong learners. Our Vision: We see our students' diversities as pathways towards academic and social success. We create a safe and equitable learning environment for all.
Principal's Message
Principal's Message
Our Student Support Team (SST) at Bancroft Middle School is committed to our school's mission of preparing all students to be empowered, lifelong learners. Our experienced and passionate group of counselors, psychologists, therapists and administrators work hard to ensure a safe and positive school environment in which students can expand their skills and knowledge. School counselors provide a safe and nurturing space to communicate challenges through conflict resolution and crisis intervention. The SST also strive to support all students in their academics, career and social and emotional development.
Our Commitment
To encourage, strengthen and advocate for our students' social/emotional, career and academic development through a continuum support of services.  This includes individual counseling, classroom guidance lessons, group facilitation, academic empowerment activities, career exploration and overall mentorship for all students at Bancroft Middle School.  
Our Work
Our work includes but is not limited to: -Instructing guidance lessons on high school (A-G) graduation requirements -Facilitating conflict resolutions and crisis interventions -Interpreting aptitude testing and assessments -Facilitating small groups -Collaborating with parents, guardians, teachers, support staff, and administration -Teaching students how to differentiate among various educational institutions -Familiarizing students with higher education application processes -Encouraging special talents and development of positive attitudes -Assisting students in planning for his/her educational and vocational choices
School counselors can enhance student achievement and well-being through the use of data. They measure progress through pre- and post- assessments and many other outcome data.
Career Readiness
Every year the counseling team holds a career day so every student gets the opportunity to explore different careers from a variety of employees in various types of work.  
In the 2013-2014 school year, 98% of students at Bancroft attended a daylong school-wide career exploration event and as a result were able to clearly define and describe multiple career options. Over 60 presenters went into classrooms and shared their experience and knowledge about their careers.
College Readiness
The counseling team presents guidance lessons to every sixth grader on organization and time management skills. This helps students to be equipped for college.
Organization is an important skill to have. It improves how students approach their work. This skill is known to lead to academic success. After the guidance lesson, 80% of students said they were "very confident" or "confident" with staying organized.
After the guidance lesson, students were able to answer questions related to organization and time management more accurately. Students answered 97% of the post-test questions correctly after the lesson.
Social Emotional Development
In collaboration with the organization Beyond Differences, the counseling team implemented a school-wide campaign named "Be Kind Online" to  teach students to build healthy relationships over email and social media.
The school counseling team held a Be Kind Online Campaign on October 23, 2015. Over 25% of the school signed a pledge to Be Kind Online.This campaign helped bring awareness to cyber bullying and online safety. Through this campaign students received a wide range of resources that they may refer to if they had any questions or concerns.
Our Achievements
Every quarter we organize "No One Eats Alone Day".  This day promotes school spirit, dialogue on bullying, and encourages students to reach out to each other. This day also serves to promote the movement to end social isolation.
We organize college campus tours so every single eighth grader at Bancroft will be able to tour a campus.  
In collaboration with Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students, the counseling team holds Binder Clinics multiple times per quarter to assist students with organizing their backpack and binders. Organization skills lay a solid foundation for academic success.
Binder Clinics
"College for All" Tours
The Student Study Center is organized by the counseling team; we work together as tutors, coordinators and mentors for over 100 of our student participants. It offers a quiet environment with available help in math, science, English, history and many more subjects.
Boys and Girls Club: After School Education Safety (ASES): A tutoring and mentoring program.
Our Partners and Programs
Alameda County Social Services Agency: Children and family services for mental and physical health.
Davis Street Family Resource Center: A resource center offering comprehensive services to families
East Bay Agency for Children: Associate social workers (ASW) and marriage family therapist interns (MFTIs) are onsite to offer mental health services to students who need additional services.
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Advancement via Individual Determination classes work hard to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for success.
Our Team
Our multidisciplinary team works hard to serve our students with passion, empathy, multicultural understanding and dedication.  
Principal- Valentin del Rio
2 Years; BS, MA, TC, AS, BCLAD
Vice Principal- Jeffrey Miles
3 Years; BA, MA, TC, AS
Vice Principal- Julie Thomas
4.5 Years; BA, MA, TC, AS
School Counselor- Maya Taylor
School Counselor- Thuy Minh "Mimi" Nguyen
3.5 Years; BA, MS, PPS
0.5 Years; BA, MS, PPS
School Counselor in-training- Jennifer Yu
0.5 Years; BA
School Counselor in-training- Rebecca Woo
0.5 Years; BA
School Counselor in-training- Trena Nashir
0.5 Years; BA
School Psychologist- Cindy Perales
10 Years; BA, MA, PPS, TC, EDS
School Psychologist in-training- Olivia Moody
1.5 Years; BS
Mental Health Therapist- Mirely Vasquez
Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) Intern- Daniella Dib
Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) Intern- Katie Meyers
3 Years; BS, MS, AACS, MFTC
2 Years; BA
0.5 Years; BA
Parent Facilitator- Joanna Garcia
Office Manager- Isabelle Rodrigues
Attendance Clerk- Beatriz Rodriguez
Clerk/Records Manager- Ebado Ismail
(510) 618-4380
Dial extensions 3651 or 3652 for Counselors
Fax: 510-895-4113
Our Contact
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This School Counseling Program Profile was designed by Jennifer Yu, Rebecca Woo, and Trena Nashir, California State University, East Bay, counseling graduate student interns.