Tegemeo-Ella Infographic

published by Judy Kimani

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How does change in land tenure affect pastoral livelihoods?
How has land tenure in pastoral sytems changed?
Extensive systems of grazing lands under communal access
Individual parcels introduced in pastoral lands
How this has happened
Threat to communal land tenure by government initiatives
Group ranches mismanagement creates land use & access inequalities
Land intensification & promixity to urban areas catalysed group ranch collapse
Individual and private lands formed in pastoral areas
Negative effects on livelihoods
Overgrazing has negative effects on environment
Lack of pasture impedes livestock improvement
Low public goods delivery limits access to markets leading to lower incomes for pastoralists
Maintenance of collective land access
Can improve livelihoods but under certain conditions:-
Land tenure security
Improved access to markets
Effective community governance system
How to sustain pastoralist systems
Include customary laws in legal framework
Invest in provision of public goods e.g. infrastructure, schools, livestock markets and veterinary services
Strengthen communities' governance institutions