Student Technology Survey

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Student Technology Survey
Knowing where our students are to meet them
Why the Student Technology Survey?
Discover student needs and preferences Determine how students actually use technology Determine what students would like Tri-C to be doing to support them using technology
Survey based off of Educause's survey
24,000 students contacted 2,736 students (or 11%) took the survey
Who were these students?
91.8% over 18 69% female 58% white 26% Black/African American 6% Hispanic 4% Asian/Pacific Islander 4% Other 2% American Indian or Alaskan Native 50% full-time/part-time 28% first year (less than 12 credits) 31% Sophomore (12 - 29 credits) 40% Upperclassman (30+ credits) 2% Non-credit student
Computer Ownership
Your website
74% of students own a laptop
Computer Ownership
Your website
Students prefer portable computing: 40% own a desktop 14% plan on purchasing 46% don't own, and don't plan on purchasing
Operating Systems
80% of students use Windows OS 18% use Macs
Tablet ownership
41% of students currently own one 34% does not own, but plans on purchasing one 25% does not own, and does not plan on purchasing
Your website
Tablet Operating Systems
44% use iOS 35% use Android 11% use Windows 7% don't know
Smartphone Ownership
86% of students own a smartphone Another 8% plan on buying one About 6% do not own, and do not plan on buying
Type of Smartphone
49% iPhones 46% Androids And then those other ones.....
eReaders:  Do You Own?
62% do not own, and do not plan to purchase
16% plan on purchasing
22% currently own
eReader Apps
52% of students use the Kindle App
16% of students use B & N nook
15% of students use iBooks
31% of students do not use book apps
Student Experiences with Technology
Typically, how many devices do you connect to wi-fi with?
57%   1 device 31%   2 devices 9%      no devices 2%      3 devices
Types of Student Alerts
What other types of alerts would you consider most useful to improving your academic performance?
What resources do you wish your instructors used more or less of?
In what type of learning environment do you tend to learn the most?
56% some online components 15% no preference 14% completely online 12% no online components
6% took & completed a MOOC in the past year 3% took one but did not complete it 18% haven't taken, but know what it is 72% haven't taken, and don't know what it is
Digital Badges
6% of students have earned digital badges 65% of students have not 30% of students don't know
Your website
Which of these would you include on your resume?
When you need technology support, what do you do?
Primary device to access Blackboard
Device Experience in Class
Devices Important to Student Success
How many of your courses effectively use technology?
39% All 27% Almost all 16% Most 12% Some 4% Very few 2 % None
All is very good, but it would fantastic if there was a laptop purchasing program fitted strategically based on student income.
I would encourage all instructors to make use or allow more use of the devices that would make it helpful to learn in class.
Keep up the wonderful work you do to help those of us succeed in our educational journey.
Older teachers need to get with the age of technology and just because I am taking notes with iPad or iPhone to be able to project on Apple TV later to review notes on big screen later does not mean I am texting. Personally, I have not even enabled iMessage on my iPad so not to be accused of texting.
Technology is a very important part of learning and I feel Tri-C is doing well to embrace the mechanisms and stay competitive with technologic advances.