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Please tell us if you ever have your students to do any of the following…
Yes = 97%
No =77%
No = 65%
The other questions were: 1. Today’s digital technologies encourage greater collaboration among students. 3. Today's digital technologies encourage student creativity and personal expression. 4. Today’s digital technologies do more to distract students from schoolwork than to help them academically. 5. The internet encourages learning by connecting students to resources about topics of interest to them. 6. The multimedia content available online today immerses students more fully in topics they study. 7. The availability of digital content has broadened my students’ worldviews and perspectives.
Almost 50% of Respondents Strongly Agreed that "Today’s digital technologies allow students to share their work with a wider and more varied audience".
Digital Pedagogy in Irish Tertiary Education 2014
On which of the following social networking sites do you know about AND/OR currently have a profile?
Summary Responses to Survey
Why are educators keeping up to date with their knowledge of social networking but not becoming actively involved? (interpreted from them not setting up a profile).
Submit Assignments Online
Edit or revise their own work using a collaborative web- based tool such as GoogleDocs
Develop, share or post their work on a website, wiki or blog
n= 35
n = 34
n = 35
Why is collaboration so difficult?
Why is Q3 so low?? Today's digital technologies encourage student creativity and personal expression?