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2016  Utah Campus Cup Challenge
Step 1: Voter Registration
Step 2: "I Voted" social media campaign #UtahCampusCup16
Utah Lieutenant Governor's Office of Elections
September 1 - November 8, 2016
Guidelines for Lieutenant Governor’s Campus Cup Challenge: Start Date Sep 1 – November 8, 2016 Description: The Campus Cup is a statewide voter registration and voting challenge sponsored by the Utah Lieutenant Governor’s Office and Utah Campus Compact. The goal of the challenge is to increase voter registration and civic engagement in college-aged students. Prize: The winning institution will receive the Campus Cup trophy for two years. The trophy will be awarded by the Lieutenant Governor at either the Utah Capitol or at the campus of the winning institution. The event date will be determined based on the Lieutenant Governor’s schedule in coordination with the winning institution. Participating Schools and their registration URLs: Brigham Young University: Dixie State University: Salt Lake Community College: Snow College: Southern Utah University: University of Utah: Utah State University: Utah Valley University: Weber State University: Westminster College: Method: The Campus Cup has two components: 1. Voter registration: (40%)* 2. “I Voted” social media campaign: (60%)* The institution that accumulates the most voter registrations and social media posts as a percentage of the student body and alumni base will win the competition. Voter Registration Campaign (40%): Starts Sep 1, 2016– November 1, 2015 Paper: Schools may collect paper registration forms and self-report the number of voter registration forms collected. The voter registration deadline for mailed-in, paper registration forms is Monday, October 10, 2016. (Please work with your local county registrar if you are going to be turning in large numbers of paper registrations so they can be prepared.) Online: The Lieutenant Governor’s Office will provide each school with a unique URL code for online voter registration. The voter registration deadline for online forms is Tuesday, November 1, 2016. “I Voted” Social Media Campaign (60%): October 11 – November 8 The purpose of the social media portion of the challenge is to post a picture or video of yourself voting (“I Voted” sticker, ballot selfie, video of dropping your ballot in a mailbox – be creative!) and including your school’s hashtag. It is against the law to take a picture of any ballot besides your own! Students and alumni are asked to post on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,Vine or Facebook (must be public). Ballots are mailed out about 21 days before the election and may be postmarked up through the day before the election (November 7). Each institution will have its own social media page hosted by #Tagboard that will be administered by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. This web page will display the social media posts and can be embedded in any site of the school’s choosing. The pages will also be linked from the official page. The hashtags will be tracked and tallied by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. Brigham Young University - #byuvotes Dixie State University - #dixievotes Salt Lake Community College - #slccvotes Snow College - #snowvotes Southern Utah University - #suuvotes University of Utah – #uvotes Utah State University - #usuvotes Utah Valley University - #uvuvotes Weber State University - #wsuvotes Westminster College - #westminstervotes
Lt. Governor’s Campus Cup Challenge September 1 - November 8, 2016