TL Tasklist: What We Do

published by nbates

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TL Tasklist: What We Do
Our profession does many things, both seen and unseen, that impact education and campuses across the nation. Here is a sampling of what an effective teacher librarian does:
book collections
digital curation
websites and tools
media collections
specialized collections
student programming
Collaborate With...
Classroom teachers to teach relevant subject-related content
Campus staff development
Instructional technologists to help build technology lessons
Administrators for campus needs
Teachers, students and administrators to help build the collection
With library assistants and library student aides
Different departments to beautify and contribute to the library space (art, plants, displays, etc)
With other librarians in the district to form a PLC
responsible research
intellectual property
fair use and copyright
effective search strategies
paperless presentations
the love of learning
using digital technology
the love of reading
digital literacy
being a responsible digital citizen
-Through online social media
-Through online sites/projects you create and share
-On campus as a departmental leader
-At district/campus committees
-Through district/state grants to provide speakers and/or programs to your campus
-At conferences/summits/workshops
- At professional development opportunities to advocate for libraries and TLs
Communicate through...
emails with parents and teachers
classroom facetime with students
blogs, infographics, curated sites, and other webtools
booktalks of great reads
shelftalks when classes come in to check out books
booklists of all types of genres and themes
updated websites with pertinent information
online PLNs using social media such as Twitter and Facebook
how to create relationships
through professional reading
by being involved in professional learning
through mistakes
to advocate for your position
how to stay updated
how to set attainable goals
how to be effective
to be part of a larger community
-lessons for teachers to use
-documents to disseminate information
-an open library environment
-a virtual library without walls
-readers out of non-reader
-book trailers to attract readers
-a reading culture on campus to foster academic achievement
-a position that is open to helping others with their classroom/campus needs
-relationships between the library and the classroom, administration, and students
Above and Beyond
Be an active member of professional state and national associations
Help students work on projects...any projects
Become a mentor to those who are working on their masters in library science
Work with public libraries for a common cause (programming, booktalks et al)
Listen to students and teachers who want to tell their stories
Go to graduations, plays, games and other things students participate in
Help seniors work on college applications and essays
The other duties as assigned? Do it with a smile, be part of the team
A teacher librarian is not only focused on relationships, but always searches for ways to impact students and their learning through making connections with others
created by Naomi Bates, teacher librarian Northwest High School, Justin Texas
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