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Performance Reviews
As Interpreted by Jerry Haddock
Grab a Coffee and take a few minutes  to see this Performance Review and have a chuckle.
Feedback can be obtained in a variety of different ways. The information that is captured can greatly assist the instructor in awareness of areas that could use improvement and suggestions how to correct them. I am going to focus on 'Performance Reviews'. What they can accomplish and the advantages and disadvantages of using them.
What are Performance Review's
A performance review is a method by which the teaching performance of an instructor is observed and evaluated.
Can be conducted in the classroom by having the observer sitting in.
Can be formal or informal.
Person conducting the review can be a co-workers, supervisor or an appointed person.
You can document the review or give feedback verbally
Can be random or at set intervals
The 'GOOD'
Provides valuable insight on areas that could be improved.
Suggestions on ways you can enhance your effectiveness in the classroom.
The person conducting the review has experience in providing feedback vs having students providing incomplete information.
If documented the positive feedback can be used when looking for raises and advancements.
The 'BAD'
It can be uncomfortable to receive 'constructive' negative feedback from a co-worker or superior.
Involves more planning and time commitment than most other forms of obtaining feedback.
May create extra anxiety and distraction by having someone sitting in your classroom.
Performance reviews might take extra time to organize,  but they will provide  composite constructive  feedback. If your institution does not conduct them on regular basis it would be very helpful to request one. Set one up today!!
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