Independent Reading Projects

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Independent Reading Projects
1 book due Nov 1 2 books due Jan 2 1 book due Mar 3 2 books due May 1 + 1 book due June 13 _______________ 7 projects, 7 books this year
You have 7 this year!
Questions? Project Submissions?
12 Project Options!
Look at all the CHOICE you have!
Write a diary from the main character.
Create a promotion campaign.
Create a vlog (video blog, like a diary but in videos!)
Compare and contrast lifestyles.
Compare the book to the movie.
Create a timeline of events.
Create a persuasive bulletin board.
Write a poetic summary.
Create a test with answer key.
Journal your thoughts as you read.
Make an ABC book.
Create a playlist.
Can I do the same project every time?
You can only do a project twice. Example: You could do a playlist for two different books, but not for a third.
Imagine you are a character in the book. Write a diary that they would have written. It must cover at least 3 major events from the book, beginning, middle, and end. More is always better. Each entry must be multiple paragraphs (3+)
This book needs to be promoted! Create multiple promotional items to let the public know about your book! Include persuasive paragraphs to get potential readers interested. Make radio commercials, TV commercials, news ads, Social Media ads, etc. At least 3 promotional materials.
Imagine you are a character in the book. Create a video journal, or vlog, that they would have created. It must cover at least 3 major events from the book, beginning, middle, and end. More is always better. Each video should be at least 2 minutes.
Compare and contrast the lives of your characters with your own life. What things are the same, what things are different? You must write a 5 paragraph essay or create a detailed poster that goes deeply into each element that is the same or different- bullet points won't cut it!
Compare and contrast the book and the movie version of the book. What things were the same, what things were different? Did the changes help or take away from the story? Why do you think they made those changes? Write a 5 paragraph essay.
Create a timeline of events in your story. Your timeline should cover the entire book, start to finish. It should be visually appealing, make it look interesting! Remember that timelines establish an amount of time and should have a key to explain how long between each event. Write 3-5 sentences to explain each event and why it is significant.
Bulletin boards can be a great way to get someone interested in a book. Create a persuasive bulletin board. It should have 3-5 persuasive paragraphs to convince potential readers that this book is for them! The bulletin board should be visually appealing and organized to grab someone's attention and give them good information!
Summarize the book that you read in a poem. Poems should be 20-25 lines and should have a clear rhyme scheme. The summary should cover the entire book, start to finish.
Keep a journal of your personal thoughts as you read your book. Your journal should include thoughts, observations, and predictions for every chapter in the book. Each journal entry/chapter observation should be at least 3-5 sentences.
Create an ABC book for your book. Each letter of the alphabet should represent something in the book. All letters must be used. Every letter must have at least 2 sentences to explain as well as a picture. The introduction to your book should have author, setting, and publication information. Your book must have a cover.
Create a playlist to go with your book. Your playlist must have at least 6 songs. You must find a way to get the songs to the teacher - either email the songs, email links to music videos, or create a CD. Each song must have a 1-2 paragraph explanation that states why the song fits the character or plot element. Songs should be for the book as a whole, the main character, the main antagonist, the setting, the problem, and the theme.
Here is your chance to play teacher! Make a test for your book. Your test should be at least 50 questions and should contain a mix of multiple choice, true/false, matching, or short answer. Your test must have an essay. Please include an answer key for your test.
But I have no idea what to pick!
Think about what type of project you enjoy doing, or what you are good at.
Are you good at writing? Try the diary, the comparison, the book vs. video, the poem, or the bulletin board.
Do you like to stretch your creative muscles? Try the vlog, the promotional campaign, the poem, or the bulletin board.
Do you really like media like music and TV? Try the promotional campaign, the vlog, or the playlist.
Does it help to do a little at a time? Try the journal as you go, the abc book, or create a test.
Do you like things to be concrete and clear cut? Try the timeline, the test, the comparison, or the book vs video.
What do YOU think I should do?
My book is Nonfiction. Try the timeline or the bulletin board!
My book takes place in another time or place. Try the comparison or Journal as you go!
My book is a classic. Try the test, the volg, the playlist, or the book vs. video!
My book really made me think. Try the poem, the diary, or the bulletin board!
My book might have been too easy for me. Try the ABC book, the vlog, or the poetic summary.
My book is going to be a movie soon. Try the promotion, the diary, or the test.
Can I turn it in early?
Can I email it to you?
Does each project have to be on a different book?
Can I do a book I read last year?
Can I turn it in late?
Yes, to a point. Each day it is late you lose 5 points from the final grade. After 3 days it will be a 0.
Due Dates:
Term 1: One book, one project due November 1st.
Term 2: Two books, two projects due January 2nd.
Term 3: One book, one project due March 3rd.
Term 4: Two books, two projects due May 1st. One book, one project due June 13th.