Police Brutality Vs Race

published by Ariola Zenuni

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Police Brutality & Race
For example, nowadays we see that the media has given more publicity towards the African-American race and has caused conflicts between other races. In our society, do we differ from different races? Is this a conflict between who gets more justice or not?
Majority of police officers are not racists and not all of them are brutal officers in our society, it depends only how much suspicious the person is. As you see on the chart that  it does not depend on the races, but who are the targets? To mention something important here is that the media is the problem because they make it very dramatic story about police officers and also they do not tell all  facts in news. The media mentions only the race that has been affected more before so then it creates a conflict between the different races in our society. The media should give the news equally and that is how different races of society won't have conflict with each other.
The video shows how the police officer acted with the teenagers that were playing basketball on the road even the neighbors complained about them. This is how a police officer should act with the different races because everyone has a different culture. And the solution is that some police officers should have more training classes about how to interact with the citizens.
Majority of police officers do it by the book
"Put Yourself in a Cop's Shoes, and Chances are You Won't Like What You See in Your Face". Always Remember That Cops Risk Their Lives To Save Yours...
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