Buena Park Junior High School

published by Jodie Reddingius

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6931 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park, CA 90620 Buena Park Elementary School District (714) 522-8491
Buena Park
Junior High School
School Counseling Program Profile 2016
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Buena Park Junior High School Principal Erik Bagger
At Buena Park Junior High School , we believe that education is the shared responsibility and accountability of parents, staff, students, the local businesses, and the community.  We believe all students can succeed and will meet and exceed standards in all content areas.  Realizing that early adolescence is a process of experiencing great changes in physical, emotional, and intellectual growth, we encourage all students to reach their full potential.  It is our goal to provide support and inspiration to all students in developing skills, attitudes, and the responsibility necessary to become productive citizens.
This year the counseling team held classroom guidance lessons on academic success for 7th and 8th graders during their English Class.
Academic Success and College Readiness
All students are: Taught how to calculate GPA Provided with a sample 4 year plan Informed about the Peer Tutoring Program, and after school programs such as  ASES, and SOS
more students became aware of what A-G requirements were due to Classroom Guidance Lessons.
Social Emotional Development
Students reported an increase of knowledge in coping skills, from 20% to 72% after classroom guidance lessons.
Students have access to 2 full time school counselors, 3 outreach counselors, 1 school psychologist and 1 counseling intern.
Group Counseling is provided to students who need further support on campus in areas such as study skills, empowerment, anger management and more.
Career Development
Buena Park Junior High School hosted its 7th Annual College and Career Night in 2017. Over 20 college and career representatives came to provide students with the information necessary for post-secondary option exploration.
These partners and resources provide our school with academic support, mentoring, and additional counseling. For more information please contact:
Jodie Reddingius, MSW, PPS-SC, CWA, SW [email protected]
(714) 522-8491
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Counseling Calendar
[email protected]
Principal: Erik Bagger Assistant Principals: Polyn Spirtos & Tyler Morgan Office Staff: Bertha Chavez, Susan Lara, Donna Spiva,  Bertha Gomez, Jennifer Navarro
[email protected]
Counselors: Jodie Reddingius & Esther Park
Counselors have 20 years of combined work experience.
Counseling services offered in English and Spanish.
This profile was created and published by Elizabeth Santos,  Long Beach School Counseling Intern.