School Enrollment for CO Foster Care Youth

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School Enrollment Process
Colorado Youth in Foster Care
Under the Fostering Connections Act, child welfare agencies must collaborate with local education agencies to ensure that children remain in the schools they were attending at the time of placement.[1]
Foster care maintenance payments are allowed for reasonable travel for the child to remain in the same school.[2]
However, if it is determined that remaining in the same school is not in the child’s best interest, children in foster care must be IMMEDIATELY ENROLLED in an appropriate new school.[3]
If a change in school is required, the sending school must transfer records within five days.[4]  A new school must enroll the child within five days of receiving records.[5] NO OTHER DOCUMENTATION IS NEEDED.
After enrollment, to discuss the need for additional records or documents, please contact the school district’s child welfare education liaison (CWEL)[6].
Sheree Wheeler State Coordinator of Foster Care Education, Colorado Department of Education Phone: 303-866-6007 Mobile: 303-501-4031 [email protected]
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For more information about Colorado’s Foster Care Education Program, visit:
Colorado Office of the Child's Representative |