Cough Assist Review

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User Observations about latest model Cough Assist


Why we prefer Philips E70  over  Philips CA-3000 

"User observations about latest model Cough Assist", by Deborah Robins, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. 2016.    NB Not to be construed as medical advice.

What is a cough assist?

A cough assist clears secretions from the lungs by pushing positive air pressure into the airway (insuffilation) before rapidly shifting to negative air pressure. The high expiratory flow (exsuffilation) simulates a cough reflex.

Breath Stacking

A cough can be initiated by a variety of means e.g. by breath stacking. A recent study used both the humble resuscitator bag (Ambu bag) and a mechanical ventilator to induce a comparable cough reflex. See "Sources" below

Like motor cars, performance and features improve over time. ~1960 Cof-flator ~1990 In-Exsufflator (CA-3000) ~2012 CoughAssist E70 / T70 Advances in technology  make our lives easier in the 21st Century...

Why upgrade?


2. More effective in dislodging      aspirated food particles


1. Faster and more effective secretion clearance

3. Automatic sensitivity   [Cough-Trak] for patient   to trigger therapy

Patient Driven

Cough assists are designed for secretion clearance, but they can also relieve an aspiration and perform regular respiratory training.

Buttons not Dials


4. Push button selection between 3 different pre-sets. No possibility of    dials moving.

6. Up to 3 metres of circuit (hose) can be used instead of only 1 metre 7. Weighs less than 5kg in it's portable carry bag


5. Oscillation feature can be set to vibrate airways in either     insuffilation or exsuffilation cycles

9. Cough Assist E70, BiPAP-A40 & Trilogy ventilator use the same external battery

Batteries and Accessories

10. Handy mobile stand, and foot       pedal for manual operation

Sources: Cough Augmentation in Subjects With Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: Comparison of Air Stacking via a Resuscitator Bag Versus Mechanical Ventilation.  Toussaint M, Pernet K, Steens M, Haan J, Sheers N. Respir Care. 2016 Jan;61(1):61-7.

   CoughAssist T70 airway clearance device:    

8. LCD display of peak flow, tidal      volume and optional oxygen        saturation