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Spring 2016
North Carolina Association for Developmental Education
Western Piedmont Earns NADE Certification!
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Spring Regionals
Western Piedmont NADE Certification
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From the Desk of the President
Hello fellow NCADE members,     It is beginning to feel like Spring outside and I hope you are enjoying the warmer weather we have in store. As our thoughts turn to Spring, it is also time to be sure to register and submit proposals for our Spring Regional NCADE conferences. Please find information about these conferences on our website:     Are any of you planning to attend NADE in California? If so, please email me at [email protected] so that I can send you information about our chapter meeting. I look forward to seeing you there!     Finally, a huge congratulations to Western Piedmont for your prestigious recognition. We are so proud to have you represent NCADE on the national level!
Emily Moore
NCADE President
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Career and College Readiness Legislative Update/SB 561
On Wednesday, February 10, Dr. Lisa Chapman sent an email to committee members. Dr. Chapman will determine the best meeting time for committee members and a meeting will be held soon. At the meeting, the following issues will be discussed: 1. The possibility of recommending that the timeframe of study be extended, to allow for      a pilot year (2016-2017) before full implementation in 2017-2018. 2. Consideration of a proposal that several different curriculum designs be implemented      across the state in pilot programs so that the results of these different methods can be   studied. 3. Placement measures for placement into the CCRG program. 4. Assessment of student progress and program completion, likely using the NCDAP (community college students) and ACT (four year students). Please send any input you have on these issues to Emily Moore at [email protected] Further updates will be posted to the NCADE site as they become available.
NADE Certification: Western Piedmont
Hip Hip Hooray for Developmental Education!
by Jennifer Leigh, NCADE President-Elect
Western Piedmont Community College (WPCC) is the first community college in North Carolina to earn accreditation for its Developmental Studies Program from the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE).   The NADE accreditation process ensures programs adhere to professional standards and continuously improve their services to ensure student success.   Obtaining this distinction required the completion of a three-year self-study that involved collecting and analyzing program data, determining appropriate program changes, implementing an action plan, and then assessing the results of that plan.
Developmental Studies Program faculty celebrate the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) accreditation. Pictured from left to right are  Katie Easter, Developmental Reading/Writing Instructor; Michelle Weiner, College & Career Readiness Coordinator/LEIS Data Specialist; Kimberly Vegter, Assistant Coordinator of the Academic Success Center; Brenda Duckworth, Developmental Math Instructor; Naomi Roberts, Developmental Studies Department Head/Developmental Math Instructor; Lisa Mauney, Coordinator of the Academic Success Center; and Ann Marie McNeely, Dean of Health Sciences and Developmental Education.
“This accreditation reflects the College’s ongoing commitment to offering our students high quality programs,” said Ann Marie McNeely, the College’s dean of health sciences and developmental education.  “To achieve this prestigious honor, the faculty and staff of our developmental studies program put in years of hard work to verify that they are following best practices and the highest professional standards to benefit students.” The NADE accreditation is valid for 10 years. “Western Piedmont’s application and additional materials reflect a quality program and a clear understanding of the significance of state changes to the developmental coursework program and how those changes may affect student success outcomes,” said Linda Thompson, chair of the NADE accreditation commission. The mission of the Developmental Studies Program is to use the best practices in developmental education to prepare students academically, emotionally, and socially for college, career, and civic success by improving their reading, writing, and mathematical skills and by encouraging the development of strategies for active, confident, life-long learning. This program provides math, reading, writing, keyboarding and student skills courses required to help students be successful when they enter college credit level work. For more information on the developmental studies program, contact Naomi Roberts, department head for developmental education at 828-448-6764 or [email protected]
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