Regional Rx Rates

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Teen Rx Drug Misuse
Region 1: Panhandle and South Plains
Regional Teen Rx Drug Abuse - Overview
23% of teens say that their parents don’t care as much if they are caught using Rx drugs without a prescription compared to illegal drugs
26% of teens now believe that prescription drugs can be used as a study aid
12% of regional 12th graders used Vicodin during the school year
16.3% of regional 10th graders have abused Codeine
3% of regional 10th grade students report abusing oxycodone in the past month
Teen Rx Drug Abuse - Amarillo
Abuse of prescription drugs declining significantly (-5.6%)
43% of teens say prescription drugs easier to get than illegal drugs
27% of teens believe getting high on Rx drugs is safer than using street drugs
33% of teens believe its okay to use Rx drugs not prescribed to them
29% of parents say they believe ADHD medication can improve a child’s academic or testing performance—even if the teen does not have ADHD
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