Housing Management Repairs

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Housing Repairs
Housing adopted a data driven approach to housing repairs and the profiles of properties needing repairs. They also wanted to use this information to inform longer term budgeting and planning decisions around the properties. They used datasets to gain insight into property repair profiles.
Housing Management
Background & Aims
Housing management wanted to use data from their Northgate Housing system to allow them to take some long term decisions around property maintenance at an individual housing unit and estate level. This fed into budgeting and planning decisions.
Outcomes & Impact
The outcomes of this project have been that it has allowed for long term planning decisions to be made on the regeneration of different estates. The research has or will inform policy around  housing management as well as budgeting and contract management & monitoring.
Examining historical data to classify repairs
Analysing data to identify potential subletting issues
Identifying potentially vulnerable residents
Lessons learned
By examining historical data on both an estate and individual housing unit level, they were able to classify repairs
Analysis of the repairs data has allowed the housing management team to identify potential subletting issues by high lighting those properties where a repair has either never been requested or very rarely.
The lack of maintenance requests also helps identify potentially vulnerable residents or those developing vulnerabilities.