What matters most to people - Clapham

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What matters most to people?
What makes Lambeth a good place to live?
A third of Clapham residents cite public transport as being most important in making Lambeth a good place to live, followed by levels of crime and clean streets (both one in four) and parks and open spaces (one in five). They are more likely than residents in Lambeth overall to say that public transport, levels of crime and parks & open spaces are important. They are less likely than residents overall to say that affordable housing, education provision, and community activities are important.
What most needs improving>?
Top in terms of Clapham residents’ perceptions of what needs improving is street cleanliness, cited by over a third (35%) and this is higher than the borough average (28%). Next comes having affordable housing (22%), and this is also higher than the borough average (15%), although as already noted this issue is less important to residents in making the borough a good place to live. Third and fourth in residents’ priorities for improvement are the levels of crime (17%) and road & pavement repairs (16%). The proportion of Clapham residents mentioning these is in line with the Lambeth average.
Public transport
Clean streets
Low levels of crime
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