FCS Dream Vacations

published by Christina DeBello

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DreamVacation project
Students in Ms. Atherton's Trimester 2 FCS class worked in groups to research and plan their Dream Vacation.  Students could pick any place to travel to, as long as they have to travel by plane to get there and it was location they'd never been to.
Where would you travel to?
The Process
Create groups Brainstorm multiple destination choices Choosing a final destination & travel dates
1337 ACCELERATOR - seed CRADLE - 600 deals MDEC - 350 deals (now less active) 
Forming Groups & Brainstorming
Researching plane fare Comparing hotel prices Planning travel necessities (vaccinations, passports, luggage, etc.)
Finalize Vacation Details
Select places to visit Map out destinations Consider currency exchange and language issues
Share Project
Create something from the "trip"--could be anything (song, journal, postcards, slide show, etc.) Present to the class
Dream Vacation Spots
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