2015 Annual Report

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Matter, Known, and Loved, these are our words at Because People Matter.  Each evening at Night Strike or a Saturday at BTown Kids, we endeavor to continue to let people know these three simple truths: that you matter, which is why we are here, you are known, known to us, and all of this is wrapped up in the fact that you are loved. We are honored to serve and to continue working out the mission of Because People Matter, which is “Loving People Because People Matter.” We hope this report will show you how well we are living out our mission. Our desire is to keep doing this incredible work. We are more focused than ever, more passionate than ever, and hope you will see our passion as you look at the great accomplishments of 2015. Thank you for your support and your partnership, we couldn’t do it without you. Sincerely, Founder and Executive Director
A Message from our Executive Director: Marshall Snider
Executive Director's Introduction          1 Where We Work                                   2
Our Programs:
BTown Kids                                          3 Night Strike                                          4 Transformation Trips/First Door           5 Stories of Hope                                    6
Volunteer Spotlight                               7 Donor Recognition                               8
How We Manage Our Affairs:            
Financial Growth                                  9 Financial Statements                          10
Where You Help Make an Impact: Portland and Beyond.
BTown Kids
Sites are located in North Portland and Aloha, and are starting two in Gresham and SE in 2016.
Night Strike
Meets every Thursday under the Burnside Bridge and serves the Old Town/Downtown area of Portland.
Transformation Trips
Teams come from around the country and serve our community.
First Door
An after school program in NE Portland that tutors elementary school-aged children.
In Oregon, 1 out of every 5 children is hungry.
Source: Oregon Food Bank
Meals provided to our BTown Kids and their families.
Minutes kids spent at BTown Kids playing and being active in a safe space.
How You Impact Our Community:
BTown Kids
The Community  Need:
Of kids are English as Second Language Learners.
Source: Portland School District Report Card
In 2015 BTown Kids Provided:
Based on the Search Institute's Research on what assets children need for success.
Kids attended our BTown Kids Camp!
The bubble station at one of our BTown Kids sites.
Face Painting is a favorite activity at BTown Kids.
The number of homeless women grew by 15% in two years.
The number of individuals who received clothing.
Source: Multnomah County Point in Time Survey
The number of individuals who received dental care.
How You Impact Our City:
Night Strike
The Community  Need:
In 2015 Night Strike Provided:
The number of houseless individuals in Portland in January, 2015.
The number of meals served over the year at Night Strike.
(Left) A volunteer holds a sign at the clothing station. (Right) A child eating dinner at Night Strike.
A volunteer cutting hair at Night Strike.
A view of Night Strike under the Burnside Bridge.
How You Impact Our Future:
Transformation Trips
First Door
The number of students and young adults who participated in a Transformation Trip.
The number of states, plus one other country, from where TTrip participants traveled.
The number of students who receive tutoring at First Door.
The Community  Need:
The number of students who are English Language Learners.
In 2015 First Door Provided:
The number of minutes read during First Door's reading challenge
A Transformation Trip group from Washington.
Photos from our First Door Program
Stories of Hope in Our City
Linnette, a young woman, who attended our first BTown Kids site, is on track to graduate from Warner Pacific College, with a degree in social work. She received a full-ride scholarship to Warner Pacific following high school, and will be the first person in her family to graduate from college. Her goal is to work with the urban poor in Portland, Oregon and make a difference in her community. Linnette is also engaged to be married. Congrats Linnette!
After four years of living on the street, our friend Jimm received permanent housing at the end of December. Jimm has been a regular guest at Night Strike, and has told us that, "Night Strike saved my life, so I want to help others who are struggling." He currently serves as the community outreach specialist at a church in SE Portland, where he helps houseless individuals receive food, clothing, and a place to shower and rest. He also mentors houseless youth on Wednesday evenings.
“In Portland, people will wait hours to get doughnuts at local shops. Many will walk down to the river, and enjoy their food. Mere feet away lies one of the largest gatherings for the houseless. They eat their doughnuts, potentially oblivious that the person next to them has nothing. I was shocked to see so many people acting as though the houseless do not exist, or do not deserve acknowledgement. Transformation Trips opened my eyes to the hurt that people have, and the extremely big hearts and desires of Because People Matter, to help these people. Transformation Trips showed me that I could help in even the smallest acts throughout my day.”  -Bryce, Transformation Trip participant
Volunteers at all 5 of our programs and events.
That equates to..
worth of volunteer hours.
Calculated at $23.07/hour. Source: Independent Sector
Volunteers Make All the Difference:
Volunteer Spotlight: Jason VanCamp
Thank You to All Our 2015 Volunteers
Night Strike Volunteer Staff
Aaron Richardson Adrian Allen Amy Davis Anthony Dyson Barnaby Bristow Betsey Smith Bob Morgan Carla Manuel Casey DePangher Christine Vanderhoof Chuck Baker Corey Heikkila Danika Farnsworth Darin McCarthy David Shin Eric DePangher Gunnar Simonsen Hans Carter Heather Russell Jacque Angell
Jason Mocan Jason VanCamp Jeff Persell Jenna Forstrom Jose Ornelas Julia Bursey Kelsea Breanne KyLee Fancher Lou Wagner Luanne Bursey Lucas Seiwald Marla Baker Matthew Burke Nina Brown Norma Benjamin Quillan Parks Rachel Fessenden Rebecca Peterson Rebecca White Roberto Rios
BTown Kids Volunteer Staff
Alison Harriot Anna Simmons Ben Durham Brittany Baisley
How long have you been volunteering with Night Strike?
I started volunteering in October 2010, so around 5 ½ years, although I wasn’t able to come consistently. I have been back “full time” since February 2014. I’ve led, or at least participated in, about 80% of the various jobs at one time or another.
"Some families you are born into, and others you choose for yourself. Night Strike is the latter: close-knit, loving, supportive, dedicated and intentional about making change happen in our community. It is a humble privilege to be a part of it."
Why do you keep coming back?
Service is important to me. It reminds me to be humble; when framing my own personal problems and struggles against the greater perspective of the human experience, it helps me understand how trivial they can be. It also helps ground me in humanity – meeting new people, loving them as best I can despite our different backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, is as challenging as it is rewarding.
Jason at our Night Strike Bowl-a-Thon
Our Night Strike Volunteer Staff at the beach retreat in Long Beach, Washington
Taud Coffman Victoria Morse Zack Sramek Tom Anderson
Doug Reimer Haley Durham Herman Green Jasmine Hatton Josh Hawke Kenya Gregory Marissa Ranno Matt Shea Michelle McLaughlin Monica Linder Nike Green Phil Hawke Rebecca Mattoon Sandy Reimer Sheri Lozano Stacy Swearingen
AIG (American International Group) Centralia Community Church Central Church Faith Bible Impact Greenlayer Sports Kings Circle Assembly LAST Program Melanie Pesek Micro-Pak USA National Missions Teams Redside Stu and Nancy Forstrom
Thank You to Our 2015 Donors
Baird Financial Dallas Family Medicine David Shin Dentus Dental Doug and Katy Crane Durango Joe's Fisher Corporation Green Oaks Mobile Ranch Life Christian Academy Marsee Baking Company Options Financial Safety Electric Search Logic Sheri and Sergio Lozano Zebadiah Wade
Corporate Sponsors
Numerous Anonymous Donors
Fall Gala Sponsors
Night Strike Sponsors
A Note From our Development Director:
Because People Matter Finances:
As I reflect on the work of Because People Matter in 2015, I see that our organization has continued to embody the core value of People. Everything we do comes down to PEOPLE: who we serve, who serves, who gives of their time, their generosity, and themselves, to help build community within our city. At BPM, it is our desire to show you how your impact changes lives, with the hope that yours is changed through the process. Below you can view our finances, and how we have used the money you provide to continue to grow the programs that bring resources, hope, and dignity to those in the margins of our society. There is an adage that states "It takes a village to raise a child." I truly believe that it takes an entire community to build and grow those within the community. Thank you for your generosity toward people, not programs. Sincerely, Director of Development
Your Generosity Impacts Lives:
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Sources of Cash Donation
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Total Expenses
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