Career Options in Translation and Interpretation Studies

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Career Options in Translation, Interpretation  and Foreign Language Studies
Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics Translation and Interpretation careers are set to increase at a rate of 29% through 2024. 
PROFESSIONAL International Marketing Business Developer Manager Banking/Finance Sales Consulting Law Import /Export Research Computer and Software Services Human Resources Administrative Services Project Manager
Careers Options requiring  Foreign Languages then are equally growing
TRAVEL /TOURISM/HOSPITALITY Translation/Interpretation Airline Services Management Ecotourism Travel Consultant Hotel Management Travel Agent Tour Guide Flight Attendant Foreign Travel Advisors
* Figures from Occupational Outlook Manual - Bureau of Labor Statistics- Dec 2015. Projected yearly growth 2014-2024
Percentage Growth by Industry
As business gets more globalized, the need to reach untapped markets and connect with them is essential.
GOVERNMENT Translation/Interpretation Language Analysis Linguistics Diplomacy Civil Service Foreign Service Immigration/Naturalization Customs Intelligence Security and Protection Law Enforcement
EDUCATION ESL Instructor Teacher Professor Research Educational Administration(Study Abroad Programs) Linguistics Tutoring Counseling Library Science
ARTS, MEDIA  & ENTERTAINMENT Web Developer Voice Overs/Subtitling Advertising Photography Writer/Publishing Editor Public Relations Performer/Actor Film Making Voice Coach Journalism/Broadcasting
SOCIAL SERVICES Social Work Counseling Advertising Health Services Non Profit or Public Interest Law Outreach Coordinator
The Federal Government is one of the biggest employers.  Organizations as the FBI, CIA, Department of State, US Customs and Border Patrol, US Citizen and Immigration Services,Department of Defense including    US Armed Forces    National Guard    National Security Agency Department of Commerce Agency for International Development (USAID) Peace Corps, VISTA, Americorps Library of Congress Voice of America US District Courts * all applications require thorough clearance and background checks and state certifications for court interpreters.
* Figures from Occupational Outlook Manual - Bureau of Labor Statistics- Dec 1015. Projected yearly growth 2014-2024
Marketable Skills in the Translation and Interpretation Field.
Your fluency in different languages has provided you with many subtle skills that have been overlooked in your professional life They include:
Occupational Outlook Manual - Bureau of Labor Statistics- Dec 2015
Peace Corps-
Angelo State University
VistaWide World Languages and Cultures
Cross-cultural communication Cultural diversity Global experience Sensitivity and knowledge of other cultural customs, norms and values Adjust easily to different environments Conduct  research Presentation of ideas clearly and thoroughly Critical thinking Ability to interact with different cultures Present and persuade Oral presentations and public speaking Excellent command of language written and oral
University of Georgia
.....Among others
Certification Benefits Client recognition ATA certification is a voluntary demonstration of translation skills. As such, it reflects a strong commitment to the profession and its ethical practice—a distinction that can attract clients and open doors to new business.                American Translators Association Website
American Translators Association -