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published by Alan Pike

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Now allows authors to publish their works under
I want to publish in Southern Spaces, what does that mean for me?
Under our original author agreement, authors retain copyright of their work. This remains an option for our authors.
In addition to retaining copyright of their work, authors may now publish under the following Creative Commons Licenses that offer a variety of reuse options:
Using a CC BY (attribution) license, authors allow their work to be freely distributed, copied, and performed, as long as users give credit to the original work. A CC BY license also allows for derivative works. An author might choose this license if she wants to provide the greatest opportunity for reuse.
Under a CC BY ND (attribution, no derivatives) license, users are free to copy, display, distribute, or perform the original work with attribution. Users may not make derivative works. An author might choose this license if she wants to retain the exclusive right to make modifications.
A CC BY NC (attribution, non-commercial) license allows for copies, distribution, display, or performances of a work by attribution, but only for non-commercial uses. This license allows for derivative works. Authors might choose this license if they wish to prohibit commercial publishers from republishing their work without obtaining further explicit permission. Because much of academic publishing is commercial, this license may discourage re-use of their content by requiring that people ask permission.
The CC BY NC ND (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives) license is the most restrictive choice offered by Southern Spaces. Users may copy, distribute, display, or perform a work, but only for non-commercial purposes. No derivative works are permitted. Authors might choose this license if they wish to permit greater distribution of their work without permission than would be possible if retaining copyright, but restrict commercial entities from republishing their scholarship, and prohibit all from making modifications to their work without permission.