Employer One Results Elgin

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An annual survey of employers in Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford counties and the City of London The survey asks questions about employer's current workforce, hires and separations and recruitment methods as well as education,skills and training needs. The following responses represent employers in Elgin-St.Thomas.
Elgin Respondents
Did your organization experience any separations over the past 12 months?
Did your organization hire anyone over the past 12 months?
Do you plan to hire anyone over the next 12 months?
Separations and Hires
Recruitment Methods
Word of Mouth, Personal Contact, Referrals and Informal Networks
Online Job Boards/Postings
Employers who did their own recruiting
Recruitment aimed at areas outside of the London Economic Region
WorkplaceWellness Programs
Training to Students and Future Workers
Skills and Training
This Employment Ontario project is funded by the Ontario Government. The views expressed in this document do not necessarily reflect those of the Government of Ontario
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