Clarity 2016

published by mrsmmueller

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Clarity Data
Norfolk Public Schools
Overall CASE Score
In 2015 our overall CASE score as a district was 1069. Our Access score improved from Advanced to Exemplary. For the first time, we surveyed 3rd grade students.
Professional Development
Teacher's Online Skills increased from 52% ready to utilize these skills to 60% ready to utilize these skills. Multimedia skills increased from 38% find these tasks easy to perform to 41% find these tasks easy to perform.
All of these scores are lower than last year. Note that 15% of students report being taught digital citizenship skills at least monthly. Are you having these discussions with your students? It is EVERYONE'S responsibility to teach digital citizenship!
21st Century Learning
All of these scores are lower than last year. Digitizing assessments can save you time! Don't grade something if you don't have to! Set a goal to explore new ways of assessing students.
Infrastructure at Home
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Infographic created by Mickie Mueller | Educational Technology Facilitator | Norfolk Public Schools | @mickie_mueller