Fairness In Families Index 2016

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Key findings from the Fairness In Families Index 2016
The Fairness In Families Index brings together a basket of measures to compare developed countries' progress towards the goal of gender equality. Overall, the UK came 12th out of 22 countries - down from 9th position in 2010. Here are the results for the nine indicators that make up FIFI...
Our parenting leave system is the 11th most gender-equal out of 21 countries for which data was available. Iceland has the most gender-equitable system. Dads and mums get three months' leave each, paid at 80% of salary, and another three months to share. Evidence suggests this system really helps parents share the caring and earning in their baby's first year...and beyond.
Parenting leave design
Men in OECD countries earn an average of 16% more than women in similar full-time jobs. The UK's figure is 17.4%, placing us 15th out of the 22 countries measured by FIFI. In New Zealand, which came top of the table, the pay gap is 5.6%. Until we close the pay gap to zero, women will always be more likely to shoulder more responsibility for unpaid caring, and men for bringing home the bacon.
Gender pay gap
In the UK 25.8% of part-time workers are men. This puts us 16th in the table. In Portugal, which tops the table, the figure is 42.1%
Men's share of the part-time workforce
The level of government funding for childcare and early education is a key way to measure a country's commitment to egalitarian parenting. Denmark spends 2% of its GDP on this - putting it top of the FIFI table.
The UK spends 1.1%, and is in 4th position. The lack of access to affordable childcare is a major factor in most British families' decision-making about who will do the earning and caring when a baby arrives, and in its early years.
GDP spent on childcare & under-5s education
The proportion of women sitting in Parliaments helps us assess whether women are represented in roles that can influence national policymaking. The UK is 10th in the table. In Sweden (No.1), 44% of MPs are female. Women's roles in senior management are a key marker of gender equality. The top country for this indicator is the US, where 43% of senior managers are women; possibly because the lack of statutory paid parental leave has created a more level playing field between the sexes.
Proportions of women in Parliament and management
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Men's and women's family work
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Overall FIFI rankings 2016
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