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Want to create a visual like this?

Get Started
make it personal
3. upload video
send friend a personal video in the card
2. add friend's details
the sender's journey
in-app or using mobile web
1. buy greeting card
from existing range of designs or personalize online
4. deliver card
to friend by hand or mail
3. watch video
input code to access video and personal message from sender
4. say thanks
respond to sender immediately and send a video or message back
the recipient's journey
2. scan card
and enter phone number to receive a verification SMS
1. open brand's app
or download if not already on handset
brand benefits
OK I want it! How do I get it?
why videecards?
truly personalized
new revenue stream
patent protected
add emotion to a static card
sits within brand's app
highly targeted mobile ads
Unlike some of our competitors, our tech does not need any hardware (such as LCD screens or NFC chips) and the printed media does not need to display ugly codes, tags or dots. Yey!
recipients become advocates
We sell our API to greeting card manufacturers and photo merchandise labs - there's an initial, small Licence fee but ultimately it's a PPC model
contact us
[email protected] +44 1423 567093
what else can it do?
Well, the brand could partner with retailers to allow consumers to purchase digital gift coupons so that the card becomes the carrier of the gift!