Friends as Enemies

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Findings from Year 1 of the Social Relations Collaborative School Safety Survey
We asked 447 high school students about their most recent experience with physical, verbal, social, or cyber aggression in their school.
Friends as Enemies?
Of the approximately 57% experiencing at least one instance of aggression within the past six months, we also asked them to rate on a scale of 0-4 the degree to which they felt they had a friendship with their aggressor (0 = not at all, 4 = definitely).  On average, 47% of students identified some degree of friendship with their aggressor. More so among male students than female.
But the stronger the friendship, the more aggression could hurt - at least when it comes to cyber aggression. Those experiencing cyber-bullying from friends reported higher psychological and social costs than those cyber-bullied by non-friends.
Friends were equally likely to be identified as aggressors across aggression types.
This project was funded by the National Institute of Justice School Safety Initiative