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Mindset for   School Library Innovators
What are my "whys"?**
What if I could?
Why shouldn't I?
Some questions for transforming teaching & learning:*
**your purpose, cause, beliefs
characteristics of a transformative leader
Defends intellectual freedom and privacy
Networks, bridges communities, builds relationships
Curates discoverable, accessible,  diverse collections across formats
Scans environment for trends in and outside of library and education
Listens to community needs. Sees needs of the whole child.
Champions access/equity across platforms, content, tools, services
Promotes traditional & emerging literacies
Empowers learners to  think, create, share & grow* across media &  platforms
Translates all elements of  practice for changing times
models & remixes standards & values
Connects globally with professionals. classrooms,  authors, experts
Models playful approach, It's okay to sandbox, to  be beta!
Finds & solves problems. Models inquiry & design thinking
Creates, shares, contributes. Practices transparently!
Takes responsible risks; sees opportunity, not obstacles!
Learns from  successes & missteps
Plans beyond the day or week or month
Values both formal & informal learning
Recognizes power of student participation & agency
plans, reflects
risks, learns, shares
Uses evidence to inform and grow practice
joyce kasman valenza
*AASL Mission & Guidelines (inspired by George Couros, Simon Sinek & Carol Dweck)
Acts & thinks empathetically. What is it like for the learner, teacher, admin, parent?
cultivates a growth mindset