Digital Literacy through Student-Created Content

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Improving Digital Literacy through Student-Created Content
Best platform?
Which kids will create content?
How do we determine success?
Spring 2016
Summer 2016
Fall 2016
Winter 2016
Early 2017
Spring 2017
End of school year 2017
Academic Goals
Identify willing/forward-thinking teachers (the "committed sardines") who are likely participants and promoters of the goals, those who are willing to swim a little against the current. [Click for more info]
Determine the best platform for this student-to-student interaction.
Select schools to serve as pilots
Gather and organize content
Communicate plan/new resources
Continuous improvement goals
What direction should we go next? What improvements are needed? What additional stakeholders should be consulted/notified? What are the next steps? How do we measure impact on curricular goals?
How many artifacts have been created?
Evaluate program impact
Include potentially underrepresented groups
Include Special Ed students and English Language Learners in content creation. Refuse to let the "digital divide" exclude any student groups.
Students will be active, self-directed learners. Students will improve their communication skills. Students will connect and contribute to their communities through creating content that helps others.
Build support
Be intentional in efforts to include non-white, non-female, low-SES students in content creation.
Conduct Lit Review
Recognize students for their contributions
Monitor Progress
Initial idea!
Drivers of Blended Learning
Personalize learning | Individual progress | Student engagement | Extend time/stretch resources | Extend the reach of teachers | Narrow the digital divide [Click for more info]
"Digital literacy is a human right," - Maiers. "6 of 10 millennials have 'low' technology skills,"- Schaffhauser. "Students struggle with digital skills because their teachers lack confidence" -
Identify skills to address [click]
How many students/what student groups have contributed/accessed?
What digital literacy gains have been made?
How has other learning been positively impacted through the program?
Determine: Best practices | Submission criteria |  Management responsibilities for older students
Find the first students to contribute
Monitor Progress