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Houston Astros
Fast Facts About The 'Stros
21st in On-Base Percentage
21st in Runs
25th in Batting Average
15th in Slugging Percentage
Brief History
2015 Prediction
The Astros were established in 1962 as a result of league expansions. They were originally called the Colt .45s
5th in the West
Season Leaders
Home Runs Chris Carter (37)
Strikeouts Collin McHugh (157)
Saves Chad Qualls (19)
RBIs Chris Carter (88)
Wins Dallas Keucehel (12)
Batting Average (.341)
ERA Dallas Keuchel (2.93)
The Astros mascot was a trio of rabbits from 2000-2012
In 2012 the Astros previous mascot, Orbit returned. He is a creature from outer-space and previously represented the team from 1990-1999
Megan Landvatter