VR in the Classroom

published by Daniel Harbert

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Harness the Power of
Virtual Reality
Nadia Williams, CCSD Digital Transformation Coach Daniel Harbert, 8th Grade Science, Floyd MS
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Why Virtual Reality
-Virtual Reality provides almost full-sensory immersion. -Simulations will allow students (and teachers) to grasp complex subjects more easily. -Now it can be experienced at a lower price point: Oculus Rift $599 PS4 VR Headset $399 Google Cardboard $25 (plus the price of cell phone)
Building a Case for VR in the Classroom
VR can be used to:
Explore complex concepts (i.e. atoms, cells, history, art,etc.)
Create/experience virtual field trips
Participate in a remote viewing (i.e. visit the British Museum from Kennesaw, Ga)
Google Cardboard + cell phone = quick VR experience
Many simulations are accessible with a computer or smartphone
-Simulations can develop empathy -Students can also create VR-like experiences              -YouTube 360 -Students step into the seat of discovery
Headsets Preferred, but not necessary
VR Lesson Plan Ideas
Do it!
Given what you now know about VR and its applications, what subject/grade level do you teach and how could you see this in your classroom?
Creating VR