Question Board

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What are your family's Traditions in the Spring?
Question Board
2 - 8
Sheet metal Magnets Notecards pencils/pens
Frame a small piece of sheet metal (consider asking parents/local businesses for help sourcing and assembling the materials).
Routinely post a question and have students write and post their responses.
Find time to have students read each other’s answers. This can be displayed within each classroom or in a common space in the school.
Students can enter their own ideas for questions, each class in the school can have a turn posting the question, or students can post questions for the teachers to answer. Think creatively about how to engage everyone at the school.
Why it Works:
Encourages students to think about themselves, share ideas with one another, and write to their own level of ability, can be anonymous to remove pressure and fear of judgment.
Providence Children’s Museum.