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published by Amy Claxon

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Your sewer system....
Dos and Don'ts
Residents, who observe a few common-sense guidelines, may avoid expensive repairs.  Even residents whose homes are 'grandfathered-in' must do their part to avoid unnecessary repair costs or may be fined.  
Your pump and grinder are YOUR responsibility......
..... even when your house is unoccupied.  Click here for more information.
What if my alarm goes off?
Stop using water in your home to prevent a grinder pump over flow.   Press the "Silence Alarm" button. If the light remains on after 15 minutes refer to the manual:  click the bell, left.
Click here for more info about what to do in case of an alarm.
Don't flush wipes or feminine hygiene products.
ALL wipes, baby/ floor even biodegradable!
sanitary napkins
If these or other inappropriate items are found in your damaged pump.
You may be fined.....
Many objects can harm your grinder and should not go down the drain.
Items that have been known to cause damage to sewage grinders: condoms, cigarette butts, dental floss, small plastic items: caps, toys, diapers, Q-tips, cat litter, small rocks, disposable gloves, fireplace ashes, glass, metal, wood, shells, beans
Dangerous or chemical substances should not go down the drain: -degreasing solvents -chemicals -caustic substances -poisonous substances -explosive materials -flammable materials
Sewage discharged on the ground will leak into our community's well-water.  This is unsafe and illegal.  Please contact a plumbing repair company or the town if repairs are covered for your home, purchased before 2005.
NEVER discharge sewage onto the ground
Click here for more info about preventing sewage discharge.
Never connect a sump pump to your drain or grinder system.
Processing runoff water as sewage is unnecessary and expensive.  It will overload the system, and cause problems for you and your neighbors. If you connect a sump pump to your grinder pump, you may be fined.
Markleville Sewer Maintainence will help assess your problem and guide your response at no charge.   Call:
765 635-6821