How to Become a NYS Security Guard-Star Security Training

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Get Started
Take 8 hour Pre-Assignment training course at accredited training center
first step
You've passed! Now it's time to start the license application process.
get certificate
application process #1: ID
Two forms of id. One must be a NYS Drivers License or DMV id if you don't drive.
application process #2: fingerprinting
Go to an approved NYS electronic fingerprinting office. Fee is $102 payable by money order.
Fill out NYS Licensing Services form.  Fee is $36.
application process #3: NYS application form
Copies of court dispositions are required to include with application.
Generally, it takes 3-6 weeks to receive your license.  
License in the mail!
- 16 Hour On the Job Training course required within 90 days of employment as a security guard --8 hour Annual In-Service training. Must be taken every 12 months in order to renew your license (good for 2 years).
follow up training
if record of misdeameanors or felonies
After initial training class, a NYS security guard license can be obtained in 3-6 weeks. Star Security Training will process your application for a $20 fee.
1891 Fulton St Brooklyn, NY  11233 212-718-5000