2015 Student Life Goal Area 6

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Area 6
"Good assessment and evaluation practices support the success of students, programs, and institutions through clearly communicated learning outcomes, solid methodology, and the informed use of data..."
NASPA Assessment and Evaluation website
student Satisfaction survey
Career and Internship Services
In response to the question: After talking with a counselor, do you feel more confident about taking control of your own career development?
Answered: "Yes, a lot more confident" or "Yes, a little more confident"
Dining Center Satisfaction Survey
Dining Services
In response to the question: Please rate your overall satisfaction with the following aspects of the SERVICE in the Dining Center.
Answered: "Very satisfied" or "Somewhat satisfied"
Departmental Objective
Disability Resources
Objective: Redesign print materials to ensure sustainable content and language that reflects the social model of disability.
- Graphic designer hired - Content reviewed - Succinct language written in a welcoming tone
Multicultural Center Retreat Evaluation
Diversity and Inclusion
In response to the question: The retreat promoted deeper understanding/respect for others.
Answered: "Strongly Agree" or "Agree"
Assessment is happening all over Student Life! It's part of every strategic plan, and the results are shared in annual reports. What follows is a sampling of assessment efforts and results. More information is found in the annual report for the unit or committee.
Departmental Objective
Health Services
Objective: Double student participation in the Health Check event.
Fully Met
students in 2013
students in 2014
Feedback on PAWS Program Focus Areas
Housing and Residence Life
In response to the question as to the World Impact area:
of residents indicated that living on campus exposed them to others from different backgrounds
Professionalism Rubric
Kirby Student Center
"Accomplished" or "Advanced"
of Kirby Student Center student employees were rated
on the Work Relationships dimension of the Student Life professionalism rubric
Student Employee Assessment
of RSOP student employees answered "Yes" to the question:
Do you feel confident to make decisions that affect your work?
Monitoring Student Conduct Cases
Trend analysis of peak times for student conduct violations identified for the Fall semester:
Student  Conduct
Welcome Week Homecoming Halloween
Departmental Objective
Objective: Submit all Civil Service and P&A performance appraisals by the HR&EO deadline.
Fully Met
Budgets and Personnel
Annual Parking Space Designation and Permit Distribution Analysis
With an accurate account of all spaces per permit type, the appropriate number of each permit type can be determined.
Analysis Complete
Recycling Behavior Study
H&RL students would ALWAYS recycle at home
H&RL students would ALWAYS recycle on campus
Educational Opportunity
Departmental Objective
Objective: Reduce total UMD Stores expenditures by $75,000 in FY15
Expenditures reduced by
UMD Stores
Focus Groups
Chemical Health Advisory Committee (CHAC)
Consistent Theme
Students recognized the danger and risk of driving under the influence of alcohol, but they did not view driving under the influence of marijuana as problematic
Evaluation of Presentation by Kristin Brown
of Student Life employees answered "Yes" to the question:
Do you find the Student Life Inclusive Allies Newsletter informative?
Inclusive Allies Newsletter Survey
Student Life Change Team (SLCT)
of Student Life employees answered "Excellent" or "Good" to the question:
Overall, how would you rate this event?
Student Life Professional Events Committee (SLPEC)