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Heaton Learning Resource Centre
Scavenger Hunt, Web Quest & Kahoot!
LRC Orientation
How to be a good digital citizen across the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship. This unit consists of nine 45 minute sessions.
Digital Citizenship Unit
Research 1: Search Wide
Examine the characteristics of different types of information resources and understand why you should "search wide" i.e use a range of resources.
Research 4: Plagiarism: How to Avoid It...
How to evaluate information, especially from websites.
Research 3: You Be The Judge!
Research 2: Search Smart
Internet search tips and strategies, plus using Creative Commons to re-use images legally.
Research 5: Creating Reference Lists
Plus a a range of
Reading Promotion
Kahoot, Canva, and Prezi.
Research 6: Dot & Jot Note taking and In-text Citations
Jane Boniface, LRC Coordinator Heaton Learning Resource Centre 2017
Sessions on Offer
sessions and quickfire "How to" sessions on