Amarillo-Area Adolescent Substance Abuse

published by ManagedCare

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Region 1: The Counties We Serve
Our Goals
To Provide current, relevant, and community-wide data on adolescent substance abuse trends
To enhance the ability of our communities to more effectively respond to changes in substance abuse trends
To influence data-driven changes in standards and attitudes about adolescent substance abuse within our communities
The Prevention Resource Center, Region 1
We serve as the central repository for data about adolescent substance abuse collected throughout the Panhandle and South Plains.
32.6% of Amarillo-area adolescents report that marijuana is easy or very easy to get. This is higher than the regional average (29.7%).
Perceived Risk of Harm Marijuana, Amarillo-Area Adolescents
Adolescent Marijuana Consumption 2015
13.8% of regional 12th grade students report abusing hydrocodone at least once. 11.9% report doing so in the past school year.
Amarillo-Area Adolescent Prescription Drug Abuse
16% of parents and 27% of adolescents believe that using prescription drugs to get high is safer than using street drugs
33% of adolescents report that they believe it is okay to use prescription drugs not prescribed to them to cope with injury, illness, or pain
29% of parents say they believe ADHD medication can improve a child's academic or testing performance--even if the teen does not have ADHD
40% of teens report that prescription drugs are everywhere while 43% say prescription drugs are easier to obtain than illegal drugs
Adolecent Perceptions of Rx Drugs
53% of Amarillo-area teens report that alcohol is either likely or very likely to be present at parties.
Costs of Underage Drinking Texas 2013 (in Millions)
Adolescent Alcohol Consumption 2015
Prevention Resource Center 1715 26th St Lubbock, TX 79411 (806) 780-8300 @PRCRegion1
The purpose of The Prevention Resource Center is to support activities that enhance and improve substance abuse prevention services across Region 1 of the state of Texas. The Prevention Resource Center serves as a central repository for data collected throughout Region 1 that will be used To develop a regional needs assessment.
Our Mission