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Retail Trends: The United Kingdom
How Digital vs. In-Store Retail Sales Changed in 2016?
The UK had the biggest % decrease in In-Store Shopping among Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, UK, US
The UK Has the Highest Rate of Digital Shoppers
The UK has the world’s highest penetration of digital shoppers, and is expected to retain this No. 1 ranking through 2019
Today, 17% of all retail sales are made on eCommerce. By 2020, eCommerce is expected to grow to a staggering...
Mobile commerce accounts for a great portion of total retail AND ecommerce sales in the UK. It's forecast is for growth as well.
What is Behind e-Commerce's Rapid Growth?
Reasons to Purchase Products Digitally
Top Future Retail Trend: Virtual/Augmented Reality
When smartphone users worldwide were asked which VR activities were of most interest to them, 64% of respondents said they’d be interested in seeing items in real size and form when shopping online.
How UK internet users would use VR while shopping
In fact...
And Mobile has a special role...
m-commerce % of total ecommerce
m-commerce % of total retail
• Convenience of buying on-the go • Being able to compare prices and   better utilize promotions • Not having to wait in lines • Easily compare between brands,     stores, & prices • Reviews available