"Read To Me!" Banners and Calendar

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"Read To Me!" Banners and Calendar
K - 4
Prep Time:
Invite local artists (or children) to produce artwork with images of reading together. Encourage them to illustrate reading in different settings and to show a variety of combinations of people – or animals.
At the same time, recruit local businesses to “host” a banner for the year. Original artwork can be digitally enlarged and reprinted for display and later auctioned to generate funds for the project.
Use the artwork to create calendars, perhaps with sponsorship from an area merchant, which could send them into the homes of low-income families for free. Calendars could also be sold locally to help support this and other programs.
Step One:
Step Two:
Step Three:
Outreach to artists and area businesses Enlarge artwork for display create calendars
Why it Works:
Unites the community in a movement to read to children and increases awareness of the importance of reading together. Helps to encourage the establishment of a tradition of reading together.