Themed Guest Speaker

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Themed Guest Speaker
In preparation for the visits, collaborate with the school and town librarians to put together book suggestions related to the impending visit.
Ask each student to read one book about the topic and write a list of three questions they would ask the visitor.
Use your town’s unique culture and history as well as the overall interests of students to determine who would make a good visitor. This can be a one-time event, like a career day, or a monthly event with a different visitor each time.
Solicit community members to visit the school and talk with the students about some aspect of the work they do.
Some community members that will draw attention and pair well with books include: police officer, firefighter, game warden, veterinarian or dog trainer, doctor/nurse, artist, athlete, musician, language teacher/world traveler.
Prep Time: Medium
Grades: All
Children's book(s) Pencils/pens Index cards Community members
Why it Works:
Encourages students to read about topics that interest them and speak with role models within their own community, gives community members a chance to get engaged, and can easily be structured in a way that works well for your school and students.