Hacking Haitain Creole

published by ericmerl

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dife a fig la pwason an pom nan
Definite Article
depends on the sound of the noun ending
Indefinite Articles
place yon before the noun
yon pom yon fig
an apple a banana
a la an nan
vowel consonant nasal n hard n or m
(a, an)
the fire the banana the fish the apple
A beginner's grammar cheat sheet for learning the language of Haiti...
mwen ou li li li nou nou yo
I you he she it we you they
Possessive Pronouns
Verb Conjugations
pronouns don't change
place the pronoun after the noun for possession
pom mwen pom li
my apple her apple
no verbs are conjugated
mwen pale li pale nou pale yo pale
I speak he speaks we speak they speak
kijan konbyen kilè ki kote kilès kimoun poukisa
how? how many? when? where? which? who? why?
Basic Sentence Structure
subject - verb - object
Verb Tenses
always placed before verb
ap pale te pale t ap pale pral pale ta pale
speaking spoke was speaking going to speak would speak
Mwen pale kreyol.
(I speak creole.)
Irregular Verb
the verb bay changes if followed by a pronoun
ban mwen ban nou ba ou ba li ba yo
give me give us give you give him give them
Haitian Creole
Created by Eric and Bethany.
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