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Money & Relationships
Does "it" Sizzle or Sap yours?
So... How True is it that "Money Makes the World Go Around?"
We yearn to love and be loved. Passion rocks...right? While money is not the most important thing in the world, virtually everything we do costs money.   We want to get married, raise a family, own a home, own nice things, travel and set aside money for retirement and maybe even leave a lasting legacy for the future. Yes.  And those dreams takes money.  
01    The Sizzle
So what do you do when your mate or significant other spends and saves differently than you do or there is a "money crunch" event, such as a job loss? Can you talk calmly about it...or do the boxing gloves come out in full force? Money stresses continue to be a HUGE relationship challenge - and the effects can be absolutely devastating! Take a look below for some startling stats...
02   The Sap (ouch...)
80% of divorces are caused by money problems 43% of divorces cite spending and saving differences
At any given time, 35% of couples say they are experiencing some kind of money friction.
95% of couples admit they committed "FINANCIAL INFIDELITY", spending $500 or more without telling their mate. 36% said they spend even more!
44% of people in the 44-54 age bracket say money is their biggest worry - OUCH!
75% of Americans are under money stress.  25% are under extreme financial stress. *
03   The Stats
80% 43%
95% 36%
75% 25%
* American Psychological Society
Think about and understand that most money decisions are made emotionally, not logically.  YES, it's TRUE! Commit to open discussion about your dreams, your goals, your challenges and how you will be successful. Set up a budget that helps you achieve those goals - with rewards for milestones and so you can have FUN!
Notice if you retreat or get angry about how money is spent. Are you always worried about making ends meet? Financial Infidelity** (hiding money or "spending in secret") is a quick way to destroy trust in any relationship. If money challenges are threatening to ruin your relationship, please ask for help!
04   So, Which are YOU?
and...What can You Do about "IT" now?
Increase the SIZZLE
Stop the SAP
** See our post on the website
  Money IS a major facet in ANY relationship   BUT, money can only sap or damage yours if YOU let it. Keep the Sizzle hot and your love Strong. Talk openly, respectfully and often about your finances.  Get help.  Stay in Love. 
05   Keep that "Sizzle" HOT!
The SIMPLE Truth...
Share openly and honestly Dare to dream big Be gracious with each other Be your mate's biggest fan
Identify your goals Set aside time to plan Be realistic about them Review and adapt as needed
Make your goals a priority Commit to the plan Make small steps daily Have fun along the way
05  The Solutions
with Dollars and Good Sense...for a rock-solid Money Lifeplan
If you have questions or want to learn more about putting the money "sizzle" back in YOUR relationship,
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