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San Francisco Giants
Fast Facts About The Boys From The Bay
Batting Average (.255)
On-Base Percentage (.311)
ERA (3.50)
WHIP (1.17)
Brief History
2015 Prediction
The Giants were founded by John B. Day and Jim Mutrie. The Giants, originally named the Gothams, entered the league in 1883. The team was originally located in New York City.
2nd in the West
Trivia Facts
Franchise Records
Megan Landvatter
The Giants have more wins than any other MLB team
The Giants have more players in the Hall of Fame than any other MLB team
Batting Average Buster Posey (.311)
RBI's Buster Posey (89)
Home Runs Buster Posey (22)
Strikeouts Madison Bumgarner (219)
Saves Sergio Romo (23)
Wins Madison Bumgarner (18)