Community of Readers

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Prep Time: Medium
Community of Readers
Grades: 4 - 8
Step One:
Step Three:
Step Two:
Ask teachers, administrators, local police, firefighters, doctors, public librarian, mayor, and other community members about their reading habits.
Post the answers on a bulletin board, perhaps even with photos of each person holding up his/her favorite book.
This information can be collected via a questionnaire (what types of books do you enjoy most, what’s your favorite book, what book are you currently reading, why do you love reading, where do you like to read, etc.)
- Bulletin Board - Questionnaire
Why it Works:
Shows the children that teachers and other adults read, that reading is important no matter what you do “when you grow up”, and helps them  see that it doesn’t matter what you like to read or where you read it, as long as you  are reading.