Kindergarten Overview

published by Lindsay Baker

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What my student should learn in
CA Common Core Standards
Areas of Focus
Write numbers 0 - 20 to represent a group of objects
Counting from 1 - 100 by ones and tens
Use matching and counting strategies to compare quantities as greater than, less than, or equal to
Answer "How many?" when given a group of objects between 1-20
Understanding Addition
See addition as putting together and/or adding to
Represent with fingers, objects, sounds and more!
Solve word problems using pictures
Understanding Subtraction
See subtraction as taking apart and/or taking from
Decompose numbers less than or equal to 10 in more than one way.
Solve word problems using objects
Making Ten
Given any number less than 10, find the number that "makes ten" when added to that number.
Compose and decompose numbers 11-19 into tens and ones (i.e. 19 = 1 set of tens and 9 ones.)
Describing Objects
Describe measurable characteristics about an object such as length or weight.
Use words like "long" and "short" or "heavy" and "light"
Find many ways to describe one object
Comparing Objects
Directly compare two objects with something in common.
For example: compare the height of two children. Who is taller? Why?
Look for a more of/less than thinking process
Sorting Objects
Sort objects into two given categories
Be able to tell "How many?" in each category.
For example: In a pile of 18 yellow and blue buttons, how many yellow?
Identify Shapes
Know the names of and recognize the following shapes regardless of size or position: square, circle, triangle, hexagon, cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere.
Describe Shapes
Describe the relative position of objects
Use words like: under, next to, in front of, behind, etc.
Know if a shape is flat/two-dimensional or solid/three-dimensional
Analyze Shapes
Identify number of corners and sides of shapes
Use objects to create shapes (sticks and clay)
Combine simple shapes to make different shapes (two triangles --> rectangle)
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