Third Grade Overview

published by Lindsay Baker

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Third Grade
What my student should learn in:
CA Common Core Math Standards
Four Key Focus Areas
Develop an Understanding of Fractions
Develop Multiplication and Division Skills
Understand Rectangular Arrays and Area
Describe and Analyze Two-Dimensional Shapes
Concepts to Master
Multiplication Skills
See multiplication as objects and groups
Fluently multiply and memorize 2 one-digit numbers
Know the commutative and associative properties of multiplication
Division Skills
Visualize division as an equal separating into groups
Understand division as a backwards multiplication problem
Fluently divide within 100
Critical Thinking Skills
Identify arithmetic patterns and explain them
Solve two-step word problems using the four operations
Determine if given answers are reasonable solutions to multiplication and division problems
Visualize Fractions
Visualize fractions and their equivalent fractions
Visualize and compare two fractions with the same denominator to determine which is greater
Understand Fractions
Understand what the numerator and the denominator represent
Understand fractions as a part of a number line
Understand equivalent fractions
Apply and Explain Fractions
Create a number line with fractional intervals
Create and explain equivalent fractions
Express and explain whole numbers as fractions
Understanding Fractions
Tell time to the nearest minute
Measure and estimate liquid volumes and masses
Solve word problems involving time and volume
Representing Data
Draw scaled bar graphs (IE: One square may represent 5 puppies)
Generate a line plot with data to the nearest fourth, half, and whole number
Geometric Measurement
Know the meaning of area and how it relates to multiplication and addition
Find the area of rectangles through counting squares and multiplying side lengths
Understand and find the perimeter of polygons
Time and Measurements
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