Fifth Overview

published by Lindsay Baker

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Fifth Grade
What my student should learn in:
CA Common Core Math Standards
Four Key Focus Areas
Strengthen Understanding of Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Master Adding and Dividing Fractions
Grow Knowledge of Division by Solving Problems with Decimals
Develop New Geometric Knowledge Including Volume and Graphing Points
Concepts to Master
Numerical Expressions
Use the Order of Operations involving parenthesis to simplify expressions
Translate written expressions into verbal expressions
Find the prime factors of any number between 2-50
Place Value Patterns
Discover and explain patterns of multiplying and dividing by zero
Read, write and compare decimals written to the thousandths place using ,, >, or = signs
Round decimals to any place
Operations with Numbers
Fluently add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers with decimals to the hundredths place
Solve division problems like the one shown above
Be able to explain why an answer to a math question is logical
3.56 x 0.983 =
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
Solve word problems involving adding and subtracting fractions
Recognize when an answer is not logical when using fractions
Multiply Fractions
Understand fractions as a division problem
Solve real world word problems involving multiplying whole numbers by fractions
Explain why a fraction gets smaller when multiplied by a fraction
Divide Fractions
Divide a fraction with a numerator of 1 with a whole number
Create a story to represent a whole number being divided by a fraction
Be able to answer questions like: "How many 1/3 cups are in 2 cups of raisins?"
Measurement and Data
Be able to convert measurement units and apply this to word problems
Create line plots to display data measurements and answer questions about the data
Volume Formula
Measure volume by counting unit cubes and use a proper label
Use hands-on methods to discover the volume formula of a rectangular prism
Memorize the volume formula and apply it to real world word problems
Graphing Coordinates
Label and draw perpendicular lines for a coordinate plane called "axes"
Interpret the meaning of coordinates in real-world situations
Graph coordinates in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane
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