ENG 101 Black Mirror Syllabus

published by Bethany Holmstrom

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Section 0817 / Fall I 2017 9:15-11:30 Mondays (E-106) & Wednesdays (E-260) Professor Bethany Holmstrom LaGuardia Community College, CUNY
Slack team url: Contact Bethany: @bethany on Slack; [email protected] via email; in  person - Library O from 2-3 on Mondays
ENG 101 College Composition
Demonstrate understanding of writing as a process by using such strategies as pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.
Read and listen critically and analytically, including identifying an argument’s major assumptions and assertions and evaluating its supporting evidence.
Write clearly and coherently in varied academic formats (such as formal essays, research papers, and reports) using standard English and appropriate technology to critique and improve one’s own and others’ texts. Essays will vary in length between 600 and 1500 words and will demonstrate an understanding of audience, voice, and purpose.
Demonstrate research skills by using appropriate technology, including gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing primary and secondary sources. Essays will include quotation, summation, paraphrase, and citation and will avoid plagiarism.
Support a thesis with well-reasoned arguments, and communicate persuasively over a variety of contexts, purposes, audiences, and media.
Formulate original ideas and relate them to the ideas of others by employing the conventions of ethical attribution and citation.
Course Objectives
We will explore the role of technology in our lives, both today and in several imagined futures. To supplement readings, we will watch episodes from the science fiction anthology series BLACK MIRROR (available on Netflix), and the film MINORITY REPORT (2002). All readings will be made available as hard copies in class and/or will be posted on Slack in the #readings channel.
Our Section
Don't plagiarize on a paper, or miss more than 15% of class (8 hours, as per the college handbook). For every hour of class you miss beyond the 8 allowed hours, you'll lose 5 points from your final average. Try hard, come to class, write, engage with the material, and pay attention - and you'll be fine.
What should I avoid?
Direct Message the professor on Slack @bethany, or post to the #general channel if you think others also will need clarity on the topic. You can also email Bethany at [email protected] (Slack will be quicker though).
How can I get a question answered?
How will I be graded?
Dude, that's hella distracting. Unless you are requested to use it for a particular task, please set your phone to the side of your workspace. If you need to send a quick text, whatever: we’re all adults here. If it’s a longer exchange or a call you need to take care of, just step outside the class rather than distracting folks.
Can I use my phone during class?
To receive accommodations for testing and instruction, students with disabilities must inform the Office for Students with Disabilities. In her life prior to academia, Bethany was a special education teacher, so please also inform her of any accommodations you might require.
What should I do if I need a learning accomodation?
How many papers, and what are the deadlines?
According to the English department guidelines, you will be responsible for five papers in this class including two in-class essays, each 600 words or more. You must turn in all five papers to pass this class.Check the schedule below & Slack for deadlines. For every day a paper is late, 10 points will be deducted from the final grade, after the rubric score. This deduction will still be applied after any revision/resubmissions. You get a one-time, two-day extension to use on any assignment (except for in-class papers), no questions asked.
What should I do if I miss a class?
Check the syllabus and consult Slack to see if any updates were posted. Then reach out to a couple colleagues from the class to review what happened. If you still have questions, make an appointment to talk to the professor or come see them during office hours.To be clear: professors cannot “go over” everything you missed (yes, you missed things!), or re-teach the entire class. Your colleagues should be able to fill you in (and you should be able to do the same for them if they are absent).
Let’s keep it simple, to start: 75% - Formal Writing (distributed equally among all five papers, all grades determined by rubric) 25% - Informal Writing (free writing, short in-class responses, stages in larger projects, etc.) Lack of attendance will result in deductions from your overall earned score.
What if, you know...stuff is happening in my life that is making it hard for me to keep up with work?
Any student who has difficulty affording groceries or accessing sufficient food to eat every day, or who lacks a safe and stable place to live, and believes this may affect their performance in the course, is urged to contact Student Services for support. Single Stop provides a variety of services for financial support and other needs, including legal counseling for immigration (among other things). Furthermore, please notify the professor if you are comfortable in doing so. This will enable her to provide any resources that she may possess.
Research & respond to a BLACK MIRROR episode of your choosing
Performing Identity & Social Media
Free Will, Crime, & Punishment (in class paper)
Final Exam
Responding to a colleague's Paper 3
Intro class
Sherry Turkle, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk;” Claude S. Fischer, “Smartphones Aren’t Anti-Social”; Jenny Davis, “Our Devices Are Not Turning Us Into Unfeeling Robots”
Bring in 5 Selfies
No class; college closed
Bruce Feiler, “For the Love of Being Liked” Screening in class: “Nosedive”
Paper 1 Lab
Paper 1 Peer Review
Screening in class: MINORITY REPORT
No class; college closed
Michael Huemer, “Free Will and Determinism in the World of MINORITY REPORT”
Greene and Cohen, “For the Law, Neuroscience Changes Nothing and Everything”
Screening in class: "White Bear"
Paper 2 /Midterm in class
Screening due: chosen BLACK MIRROR episode
Research Lab
Writing Prospectus due
Writing Lab
Writing Lab
Paper 3 Final Draft due / Peer Exchange
Reading/Screening due: Selected episode/article/colleague’s introductory letter
Writing Lab
No class meeting; individual digital/phone conferences
Writing Lab
Paper 4 Final Draft due / Peer Exchange
Revision Lab (only mandatory for people who failed the final)
Grade Conferences in Library O, 10:30-11:30
Final Exam