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Cyberbullying (Teen Depression)
By Diamonique Dixon
Background on research
Theory: Bullying during the teenage years may double the risk of depression in adulthood, and bullying's effects can be as bad or worse than child abuse, according to studies shown.
Hypothesis:Studies can't prove yet that the bullying caused the depression — it's possible that depressed teens are more likely to become targets of bullying than their healthier peers.
Researchers: Research on offline bullying shows kids are at-risk for mental health problems. One study found that 5.4 percent of teens were bully-victims, while the other reported a prevalence of 11.2 percent.
What I learn
I learned that the rate of bullying is very high and people are suicidal because of the teasing their enduring. Bullies don't realize that their making an everlasting effect on people lives.
How we can apply
The research offer practitioners to stop bullying and to teach teens safe Internet use rather than cutting off permission to use the Web,
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