English IV Syllabus 2016-2017

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English IV British Literature
Bartlesville High School 2016-2017
Mrs. Hendrix
Course Description
Because England is the source for the development of the English language, because the United States developed first as a colony of Great Britain, and because the literature of Great Britain is an intrinsic part of the culture of the United States, the study of British literature is a necessary part of the education of American students. This course exposes students to significant works of British literature, to British culture, and to the history and development of Britain and of the English language. Through the reading of poems, plays, novels, essays, and short stories, students gain an understanding of the history of Britain and its connections with the United States.
Contact Information:
Course Supplies
- 3 Prong folder - College-Rule Paper - Composition book - CHOOSE 2: 1 box of Kleenex, 1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer, 1 dozen pencils, Package of highlighters - Pen/Pencil, highlighters * You will be expected to have your notebook and supplies for class each day.
FOOD AND DRINK POLICY Food and drink __________________ during class as long as they do not become a ___________________________________ and you clean up your ___________________. This privilege may be revoked at any time, for individuals or full classes who abuse it, at the teacher's discretion. MUSIC POLICY When you are working on independent practice activities in class, you are allowed to listen to music, provided they follow the guidelines listed below:   - You must use ________________________ for listening to personal music, leaving _________ earbud out so all teacher instruction can be heard. - You must use your phone/iPod for music only; no playing with it repeatedly. YouTube will NOT work for this! You must have music/app that will allow you to push play and put your phone in your pocket.
As stated in the student handbook, cell phone use is permitted during passing times and lunch. During class, phones must be turned _______ or __________________.   Phones must be__________________________________, unless the teacher gives specific permission to allow phone use.  THIS IS YOUR WARNING!
Bring Supplies by:
1. Be _____________. 2. Be _____________.   3. Be _____________. 4. Be _________.   5. Be _________.
English IV British Literature - 2016-2017
Mrs. Hendrix
Treat everyone with proper consideration, regardless of whether he/she is in the classroom at the time. Use respectful language, in writing as well as in discussions. Show respect for your environment by keeping the classrooms clean and neat.     Arrive at class on time and with all necessary materials. Complete assignments on time, ask questions when necessary, and stay aware of deadlines. Be prepared for the start of class each day. Do what is right, regardless of what everyone else in class is doing.     Conduct yourself as a mature, well-mannered young adult. Think before speaking, and make sure all contributions to the class dialogue are meaningful and pertinent. Take care of personal business when the time is appropriate. Use your privileges wisely.   Participate to the fullest extent that you can. Stay awake. Take part in discussions. Ask  questions. Answer questions. Stay on task. Take notes. Keep your head up. Do your  homework. Use class time efficiently. Listen. Watch. Participate.   Do your own work. Do not cheat, and do not plagiarize. Do not attempt to  sneak around the rules. Avoid inventing excuses to cover up for your  mistakes. Accept consequences for your mistakes, and learn from them.
In order for each student to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom, a positive and respectful attitude is expected of all students, this includes respecting others’ thoughts, work, feelings, and individuality. If a student does not demonstrate positive behavior, I will visit with him/her and we will try to resolve the issue together. If this proves unsuccessful, students will call their parent at home or work and explain their behavior. The third offense will be a disciplinary report to the office. Any negative behavior that continues will result in a conference with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), the teacher, and a principal.
1. Writing and Grammar Workshop 2. The Anglo-Saxons and the Middle Ages 3. Research Paper 4. The Renaissance & Renaissance Poetry
1. The Restoration & 18th Century 2.The Romantic & Victorian Period 3. Modern 1900-Present
Each Unit Will Include:
Research, writing, grammar, literary terms, and vocabulary
Possible Novels/Plays for the Year:
Lord of the Flies, Pride & Prejudice, 1984, Wuthering, Heights, Macbeth, Hamlet
Grading Policy
English IV British Literature - 2016-2017
Mrs. Hendrix
1. Check the Assignment Folders or the website for assignments you missed while absent. 2. If you have questions, see me during bell work or advisory. 3. Assignment due the day you miss = due when you return 4. Assignments you missed = due 2 days after you return
Late assignments will receive a grade of 50% if they are completed according to the directions. Please notify me of any extenuating circumstances that interferes with your ability to complete your work on time.
I want you to be successful and I will work with you, but it is your responsibility to make the arrangements necessary for your success.
Class participation is an expectation! You will be asked to participate in discussion, give presentations, and read aloud. Refusal to participate WILL negatively impact your grade!
It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and to make up the assignment.
Make-Up Work
I do not give extra-credit assignments. However, I will give extra-credit points on assignments that have exceeded the requirements set forth. This will be explained in advance. If you think you may need extra credit, take advantage of credit offered.
Extra Credit:
Concerns? Talk to me during tutorial.
English IV
British Literature
Name(s):_______________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: __________________________________________________________________ Cell Phone: ____________________________________________________________________ Email Address: _________________________________________________________________ Preferred Person/Method of Contact: ______________________________________________ Do you have a computer at home?  Y / N What would you like me to know about your student and his/her reading ability? ________________________________________________________________________________ How can I best help your student succeed? ________________________________________________________________________________ Students/Parents may meet with me by arrangement before or after school to discuss grades, assignments, behavior, or other issues. I am here to help you! ☺ I have read the expectations for Mrs. Hendrix's class and I understand what is expected of my student: _______________________________________________________________________ Parent Signature
Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Address:_______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone:___________________________________________________________________ Cell Phone:_____________________________________________________________________ Email address:__________________________________________________________________ Hobbies/Interests:_______________________________________________________________ Reading Strengths:______________________________________________________________ Reading Weaknesses:____________________________________________________________ Average Grade in Language Arts:________ Goals for my class:_______________________________________________________________ What can I do to help you learn?___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ On a scale of 1-10: (1=low, 10= high) How comfortable are you reading aloud? _____  How good is your: Spelling? ___   Grammar? ___ Vocabulary? ____ Writing? ____  Reading? ____ I have read the expectations for Mrs. Hendrix's class and I agree to be an encourager of respect, to put forth only my best effort, to always be prepared for educational opportunities, and to have a nice and positive attitude: _______________________________________________________________________________ Student signature
Student Information:
Parent Information: